Prizes, prizes, prizes

We hope you’re planning to participate in the SLopez Challenge—as an incentive, we have an array of amazing prizes to tempt you to walk, ride, or even hitch hike to the Lopez Dump between 11am and noon on April 22. Our sponsors have contributed some wonderful treats, like tokens for free coffee from Isabel’s Espresso (as well as 10% off for anyone who arrives by no-carbon transportation to the shop), bike tune-ups from Village Cycles, a coupon for ice cream at Heavenly Fudge Factory, and various treats from Blossom Grocery, Paper Scissors on the Rock, and Holly B’s.

Where else can you help save the planet, get some fresh air, get your recycling to the Dump, and get prizes? Only on SLopez! Don’t forget to decorate yourself and/or your transportation to compete for the “best decoration” and think out of the box for the “most creative form of travel.” For today’s inspiration, Alina shows us the proper way to hitch hike on SLopez; hopefully the weather on April 22 will be as good as it was the day she took this photo (and maybe the hawthorne and cherry blossoms will still be out).

A huge thank you to our sponsors for contributing to the challenge and we hope to see everyone out enjoying no- and low-carbon travel on April 22.


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