Traveling compassionately with an electric bike

Lopez Island is the flattest of the three main islands, and from a cyclist’s point of view, that makes it a bit easier to get around. But when you’re hauling recycling or groceries, you feel every hill, large and small.

We’ve been impressed with the rapid improvements and accessibility of electric bikes in recent years, and friends Kim and Liz recently bought one for commuting and errands. Even when it’s all loaded up with groceries, this bike takes the hills with ease. The battery recharges when you pedal or go downhill, so it’s essentially carbon free transportation.

Kim and Liz both bike regularly; Kim commutes to work every day on her (non-electric) bike which is impressive and is part of how she stays in such great shape. Here’s a photo of Kim with her bike and her custom made, all-parts-from-TIOLI bike panniers. Ingenious!

We will be appreciating Kim and Liz for their commitment to compassionate travel on Earth Day, April 22, during the SLopez Compassionate Travel Challenge.


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