Final preparations

Tracey and Alina worked hard this week on final preparations for SLopez Compassionate Travel and the compassionate travel challenge: bring your trash and recycling via low- or no-carbon means (walking, biking, skating, horse back riding, etc) to the Lopez Dump on Saturday between 11 and 12:30 and you could win a prize! We have some terrific prizes from our sponsors (thank you sponsors!) as well as many re-purposed ribbons that Alina and Tracey made from ribbons found at TIOLI.

Another TIOLI find was a door that they’ve painted with blackboard paint. We’ll be using this to write “appreciations” at our afternoon event from 3-4:30 during Procession of Species at the Village Green. We’ll be appreciating everyone who makes an effort to travel compassionately on Lopez. We already have many people in mind; if you have a special friend who makes an effort to reduce carbon emissions by traveling compassionately, please drop by and write an appreciation for them on the blackboard door.

See you Saturday!


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