SLopez Compassionate Travel is a challenge to community members to travel via low- or no-carbon means during the week of Compassion Lopez (April 21-29, 2017). Our vision is that community members will walk, bike, ride-share, or even ride a horse to events and for errands during the week. To encourage people to participate, we are highlighting and promoting two specific transportation challenges on Saturday, April 22 (Earth Day): Compassionate Travel to the Dump and Compassionate Travel to Procession of the Species.

Compassionate Travel to the Dump is a challenge to bring your trash and recycling to the dump in a low- or no-carbon way. That could mean bringing your trash in a bike trailer, or in a bag that you walk to the dump, or perhaps you team up with other people in your neighborhood to bring everyone’s trash for the week in one car (instead of ride-sharing, it’s trash-ride-sharing!). Prizes will be offered to those who travel in the most creative way, with the best decorations, and with the most trash. Great Islands Cleanup will be coordinating clean up locations at the Dump starting at 9am, so if you want to bring additional trash (from a beach or roadside), come early and find a team! We’ll be at the Dump with Great Islands Cleanup from 9am to noon, Saturday April 22, 2017.

On Saturday afternoon, we’ll be at Village Green, with other Compassionate Lopez participants and the Procession of the Species. Come and write on our appreciation board, and write a note to appreciate someone you think makes a special effort to travel compassionately. Then, ride, walk, or skate in the Procession of the Species—bring decorations for your body or your bike!

We hope you’ll have fun, and think about your carbon footprint during Compassion Lopez Week. And, if you’re able to find low- or no-carbon transportation for at least one trip that week, terrific! Traveling low-carbon is a powerful way to treat our community and our planet compassionately.