Earth Day Photos and Prize Winners

We had a fabulous time on Earth Day at the Lopez Transfer Station, working with the Great Islands Cleanup and the Transfer Station Crew. We set up a tent with tables that Chom biked to the transfer station from her house (!!!) and got loads of people showing up with either personal trash and recycling from home, and trash picked up during the cleanup, that they transported to the transfer station via low and no-carbon means!

The winners:

Most weight: Chris Greacen (Bike Tuneup from Village Cycles)

Most volume: Emma Hatchel (Bike Tuneup from Village Cycles)

Furthest Distance: Bruce Creps (Bike Tuneup from Village Cycles)

First person to bring household trash: Jessica Roundy

Great Effort: Heather Harrison (Blossom Bag from Blossom Grocery)

Great Effort: Laurie Swanson (Market Basket from Blossom Grocery)

Great Effort: Paul Lewis (Klean Kanteen from Blossom Grocery)

Great Effort: Aiken Family (Eco lunchbox from Blossom Grocery)

Great Effort: Emma Hatchel (Dragon toy from Paper Scissors on the Rock)

Great Effort: Gaby’s Kids (Ice-cream coupon from The Fudge Factory)

Earlybird: Bruce Creps (Drink Coupon from Isabel’s Espresso)

Earlybird: Dale Roundy (Drink Coupon from Isabel’s Espresso)

Earlybird: Chris Greacen (Drink Coupon from Isabel’s Espresso)

Earlybird: Sara Greacen (Drink Coupon from Isabel’s Espresso)

Earlybird: Nonie Prout (Drink Coupon from Isabel’s Espresso)

Earlybird: Paul Lewis (Drink Coupon from Isabel’s Espresso)

Earlybird: Erika Davis (Drink Coupon from Isabel’s Espresso)

Fabulous work: 5th Graders (Holly B’s Baked Good Coupon)

Some photos from the day:

Tracey, Jessica, and Chom setting up. Chom cycled with this very heavy cart (including the popup tent and table)–thank you for the inspiration Chom!

Wheeling the cans around:

The 5th graders cleaned up! They filled this huge cart with a ton of trash and walked it to the dump:

Dale Roundy brought his trash and recycling from home by wheelbarrow. Thank you Dale!

He also stood up for science (since Saturday was also the Science March Day):

The Greacens won big on the weight category, bringing in almost 100 pounds.

Bruce Creps won Furthest Distance by bike:

Paul Lewis won Early Bird and Great Effort:

Chom and Tracey greeting 5th graders and handing out prizes:

Compassionate Travel Appreciations Board whereby we appreciate community members who make an effort to travel compassionately on a regular basis:

Beth and some friends from Orcas and San Juan Island squeezed in a little cleanup work before the masses began arriving:

Gaby and family marking their route on the map:

Fun was had by all!


Final preparations

Tracey and Alina worked hard this week on final preparations for SLopez Compassionate Travel and the compassionate travel challenge: bring your trash and recycling via low- or no-carbon means (walking, biking, skating, horse back riding, etc) to the Lopez Dump on Saturday between 11 and 12:30 and you could win a prize! We have some terrific prizes from our sponsors (thank you sponsors!) as well as many re-purposed ribbons that Alina and Tracey made from ribbons found at TIOLI.

Another TIOLI find was a door that they’ve painted with blackboard paint. We’ll be using this to write “appreciations” at our afternoon event from 3-4:30 during Procession of Species at the Village Green. We’ll be appreciating everyone who makes an effort to travel compassionately on Lopez. We already have many people in mind; if you have a special friend who makes an effort to reduce carbon emissions by traveling compassionately, please drop by and write an appreciation for them on the blackboard door.

See you Saturday!

Traveling compassionately with an electric bike

Lopez Island is the flattest of the three main islands, and from a cyclist’s point of view, that makes it a bit easier to get around. But when you’re hauling recycling or groceries, you feel every hill, large and small.

We’ve been impressed with the rapid improvements and accessibility of electric bikes in recent years, and friends Kim and Liz recently bought one for commuting and errands. Even when it’s all loaded up with groceries, this bike takes the hills with ease. The battery recharges when you pedal or go downhill, so it’s essentially carbon free transportation.

Kim and Liz both bike regularly; Kim commutes to work every day on her (non-electric) bike which is impressive and is part of how she stays in such great shape. Here’s a photo of Kim with her bike and her custom made, all-parts-from-TIOLI bike panniers. Ingenious!

We will be appreciating Kim and Liz for their commitment to compassionate travel on Earth Day, April 22, during the SLopez Compassionate Travel Challenge.

Prizes, prizes, prizes

We hope you’re planning to participate in the SLopez Challenge—as an incentive, we have an array of amazing prizes to tempt you to walk, ride, or even hitch hike to the Lopez Dump between 11am and noon on April 22. Our sponsors have contributed some wonderful treats, like tokens for free coffee from Isabel’s Espresso (as well as 10% off for anyone who arrives by no-carbon transportation to the shop), bike tune-ups from Village Cycles, a coupon for ice cream at Heavenly Fudge Factory, and various treats from Blossom Grocery, Paper Scissors on the Rock, and Holly B’s.

Where else can you help save the planet, get some fresh air, get your recycling to the Dump, and get prizes? Only on SLopez! Don’t forget to decorate yourself and/or your transportation to compete for the “best decoration” and think out of the box for the “most creative form of travel.” For today’s inspiration, Alina shows us the proper way to hitch hike on SLopez; hopefully the weather on April 22 will be as good as it was the day she took this photo (and maybe the hawthorne and cherry blossoms will still be out).

A huge thank you to our sponsors for contributing to the challenge and we hope to see everyone out enjoying no- and low-carbon travel on April 22.

Welcome to SLopez Compassionate Travel

Alina, Chom, Elisabeth, Jessica and Tracey welcome you to SLopez Compassionate Travel. We hope you’ll join us the week of April 22, 2017 during Compassion Lopez Week to travel compassionately, the low- or no-carbon way. We’ll be walking, riding our bikes, ride-sharing, hitch-hiking, skating, and maybe even borrowing a horse to do our errands that week.

It will be fun!